Meet Paul, MTBS' Inspiring Leader

While other kids were out playing in the streets, Paul Kacaba was in his Dad’s workshop making chess boards and building a doll house he donated to Sir Albert Love Public School. It was a natural progression that his career ended up in the renovation field.

Paul started his career as an Electrician, earning many of his apprenticeship hours working on the building of the nuclear station at Darlington. As Paul came from a family of plumbers (both of his brothers and Dad are plumbers), it was clear that his next role would be as a plumber. Earning his trades ticket in both plumbing and electrical made him a valuable asset to any client.

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The Start of MTBS

Although he started his career working in the union, he started Multi Trade Building Services (MTBS) in 1991. MTBS began as just electrical and plumbing and just Paul. Very quickly though clients learned of Paul’s skills in carpentry, drywall and tiling so he was being asked to complete full renovations. It didn’t take long before the demand exceeded his ability to be a one man show.

Paul started inviting some top talent to join him on his renovation journey and today we have the amazing team he has created. He has mentored many Co-Op students, one who has now become a full time employee with MTBS and is a 3rd year Electrical Apprentice. Paul demands the highest quality from himself and his team and it has resulted in satisfied clients and repeat business.

Paul loves working with his hands and although these days his role is more of a supervisor, he makes sure that he’s actually working on the job sites frequently. His incredible pride of workmanship shines through every day.

In his spare time, Paul loves coming up with new inventions. His desk is cluttered with detailed drawings of ideas he has for better ways of doing things and new gadgets. He hopes to one day see one of his inventions become a reality.

A Passion for Animal Rescue

Paul also has a strong passion for animal rescue. He is one of the directors of the Cuddly Cats Rescue and has many rescue cats of his own. Through MTBS, he holds at least two fundraisers every year to help raise some much needed funds for the sick, injured, abused, and senior cats in the rescue. He also donates 80% of his profits to the rescue in an effort to help more unwanted cats in Durham Region and keep the rescue going. If you would like to help the Cuddly Cats Rescue as well, you can click here to make a donation online. Even the smallest of donations are greatly appreciated and are 100% used for the care of the cats in the rescue.

He’s more than just an Electrician and Plumber…

Paul also hopes to one day learn how to fly. He has been up in a small aircraft several times when he was allowed to take the controls and even land. Time permitting, he will soon take lessons and hopefully get his pilot’s license.

In his younger days, Paul was a championship swimmer qualifying for OFSAA with his breast stroke. He was also part of a water polo team. He even had the qualifying times to participate in the Iron Man Triathlon but unfortunately was unable to make it down to Hawaii to participate. Today, he still enjoys swimming, riding his bike and hiking.

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